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Hi, I’m Rebecca!

As a Mum of two young Daughters I understand all too well how challenging and chaotic family life can be! Your life is thrown into disarray, you do not know where to begin with breastfeeding and sleep is a luxury; you are in pure survival mode...

I see you - I hear you - Let me help you!

Not only is your child's health and well being of upmost importance to me, YOUR health and well being is of equal importance.

I will tell you a little bit about my Daughters journeys that lead me to where I am today. Where I am fully equipped to assist you and your family with all your breastfeeding or sleep challenges.


I had successful breastfeeding experiences with both my Daughters; however, I went through times of worrying about my milk supply and also experienced plugged milk ducts. Even if you have established effective breastfeeding it is not uncommon to face difficulties at some point during your breastfeeding journey. I understand there are societal pressures surrounding breastfeeding but ultimately my feeding journeys involved what felt right for me.


When my Daughters were newborns I was invested in helping them gradually develop healthy and stable sleeping capabilities, and so through my own research I introduced gentle routines and habits to create a good foundation for independent sleep. I implemented sleep training techniques when my Daughters turned four months old and since then they have remained strong independent sleepers. Family and friends would say how lucky I am to have children that sleep so well, however the reality is that it was not luck; it was routines and techniques, along with consistency and perseverance that set them up for success.

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My Daughters feeding and sleep successes inspired me to train as a Breastfeeding Specialist and a Paediatric Sleep Consultant to help families in their time of need – creating Maternal Mayhem and being in an incredibly fortunate position of pursuing my passion of helping families with both breastfeeding and sleep challenges.

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