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Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding is a natural innate process, however it can take time and practice to develop an established and comfortable breastfeeding experience for both you and baby. When advising on breastfeeding the most important factors I take into consideration are that you are content and happy with how your baby is feeding, and your baby is thriving.

Why Would You Need A Breastfeeding Specialist?

You find your baby latching on is painful or difficult

You have nipples that are sore, cracked or misshaped

You believe you are experiencing plugged ducts or mastitis

You have nipple thrush or breast engorgement

You have concerns over your milk supply

You are concerned about your baby’s weight

You are concerned your baby may be tongue-tied

Your baby is suffering from colic or reflux

You are considering weaning your baby from breastfeeding

You would like advice on pumping and bottle-feeding

My Breastfeeding Services

In Person Support Madrid, Spain
& Virtual Support Worldwide

Bespoke Breastfeeding and Sleep Support

A tailored support package that combines both breastfeeding and sleep support

My Breastfeeding Consultation Process

I offer a simple and efficient consultation process that enables us to reach your breastfeeding goal.


Consultation Commencement

Payment submitted and in person consultation or virtual consultation booked

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Breastfeeding Questionnaire

Completion of my breastfeeding questionnaire, which I fully review along with any other additional information


Breastfeeding Consultation

We have either an in person consultation (1hr30) or virtual consultation (1hr); during which we will discuss your breastfeeding entirely and I will observe a breastfeed. Consultations that take place in person will, in addition, involve physical examinations and assessments on baby and you

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Full Assessment Report & Personalised Breastfeeding Plan

Full assessment report and personalised breastfeeding plan will be emailed to you within 1-2 days following the breastfeeding consultation


Ongoing Support

From the date of our breastfeeding consultation you have my ongoing support for one week, which includes unlimited messaging support and a follow up call mid way through the consultation process

Our ultimate goal at the end of the consultation period is that you and your child are positioned where YOU want to be with feeding!

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