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Success Stories

I have the pleasure of helping beautiful families with sleep and breastfeeding challenges, driving my desire to help more families in their time of need

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Rebecca at Maternal Mayhem is extraordinary. We sought sleep training guidance for our 13-month-old, and with information from friends and family, books, and online, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. After an extensive initial consultation, Rebecca devised an individualised plan for our family, considering that we like to travel, sleep in the same room, and wanted to explore gentle sleep training techniques. Her advice made a difference on the very first night, and getting our baby to sleep has become a joy. Rebecca is a master of her craft, and we feel incredibly fortunate to have her ongoing support and guidance as our baby grows.

Alessa, Madrid - Mum to 13 month old boy

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Our daughter was waking multiple times a night for about a year before we contacted Rebecca. As well as the nighttime wakings, our 3 year old wanted to be cuddled to sleep and most nights my husband or I would be up with her, then she would wake up early as well. The combination of disturbed nights and early mornings meant our daughter wasn't getting the quality sleep she needed. Within 3 weeks of starting the sleep training with Rebecca our daughter is now falling asleep independently and sleeping through the night in her own bed consistently, she is also waking up later which means she is now getting the much-needed quality sleep she was missing ... and so are we! Rebecca was brilliant from the get-go, the level of communication provided was exceptional, there was a very quick turnaround between us providing the information on our daughters sleep and Rebecca sending through the sleep plan, which was highly detailed and easy to follow. We had a call with Rebecca to go through the plan before we implemented it, then she set up a WhatsApp group to touch base with us frequently, this was extremely useful for any questions we had which were always answered promptly. We've felt extremely supported by Rebecca throughout this process, and I honestly cannot believe the difference in our daughters sleep in just 3 weeks! She now goes to sleep happily and independently; if you are thinking about sleep training, I cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough!

Shadia, UK - Mum to 3 year old girl

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After our house move my daughter, who is 6 years old, and son no longer shared a bedroom. My daughter told me she was scared and so we got into a habit of lying with her to go to sleep, she would also wake up during the night and come into our bed. After 2 years of being exhausted I spoke to Rebecca, who was lovely and so supportive. She gave me lots of tips and tricks to try and literally after the first night I saw improvements. We are now a month in and I no longer have to lay with her to go to sleep, and during the night she is so much better. My daughter is generally sleeping from 8pm to 7.30am, she may come in once in the night but I can easily take her back to bed.

Katie, UK - Mum to 6 year old girl

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I reached out to Rebecca as I was having problems with my 3 week old daughters latch, I was concerned her latch was not deep enough and this was causing my bruised nipples and pain when nursing. As soon as I met Rebecca, I felt at ease, she was very professional in her approach and so easy to talk to. The way she explained and demonstrated things was great and I instantly felt an improvement with my daughters latch using the concord technique. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone who s having challenges with breastfeeding (I have already), just a change of technique has meant that it is no longer painful to feed and feel more confident going forward. Rebecca also gave me some really insightful hints and tips for newborn sleep in the early months, which I am so grateful for.

Katherine, UK - Mum to 3 week old girl

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Rebecca is a fabulous sleep consultant. She completed her certification with ease as she already had prior knowledge on this subject. She is well versed in all sleep training techniques and prides herself on meeting families where they are. She is patient, kind, supportive, and sees every single project through to the very end with a huge smile on her face. If you decide to hire Rebecca, I have every confidence that she will take the best care of your entire family. You re in the best of hands!

Jayne Havens Owner and founder of Center for Pediatric Sleep Management

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