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Breastfeeding | Does it get easier? When will it get easier?

Breastfeeding is a natural innate process; however it can take time and practice to develop an established and comfortable breastfeeding experience for both you and baby.

You might find yourself asking, “DOES breastfeeding get easier?” and if so “WHEN will

breastfeeding get easier?”

As a Breastfeeding Specialist I want to offer insights and tips to ease your

breastfeeding journey..

Trust the journey - Trust yourself as a mum - Trust your baby!

Topics covered in this breastfeeding blog:

When will breastfeeding get easier?

How to tell if baby is getting the milk they need from breastfeeding

Tips to ease your breastfeeding journey

First and foremost breastfeeding DOES get easier and commonly from 4-6weeks; for the

majority of mums.

You may have done research on breastfeeding while pregnant, attended prenatal classes or

spoken with a breastfeeding professional but when your little one has arrived your main focus is feeding your baby and giving them the milk they need for their physical growth and overall health and wellbeing.

However, you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and unsure when it comes to


Understanding early challenges when breastfeeding

No sugarcoating here - breastfeeding can be demanding, hard work and

exhausting at the beginning!

Mums commonly experience:

  • Nipple discomfort or damage

  • Latch difficulties

  • Milk supply concerns (I experienced this with both my daughters – it used to drive me crazzzy!)

These challenges in the first few days and weeks often make you wonder ‘will

breastfeeding EVER get easier?’

Being able to understand the breastfeeding hurdles faced in the early weeks will

hopefully give you peace of mind and comfort on your breastfeeding journey.


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