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Sleep Support

Based on your child’s specific sleep challenges, as well as your own parenting philosophy, I advise on the most suitable sleep shaping techniques and sleep training methods for you. In addition, I also assess your child’s entire 24 hour day and so I view sleep shaping and training from a holistic perspective.

Why Would You Need A Sleep Consultant?

Your child needs rocking, bouncing or other motion to fall asleep

Your child only sleeps when there is body contact

Your child is being nursed or bottle-fed to sleep

Your child is co-sleeping

Your child does not nap in a cot

Your child struggles to fall asleep at nap time

Your child is waking up multiple times throughout the night

Your child is waking up too early in the morning, before 6am

Your child refuses to go to sleep unless you are by their side

Your child and you dread bedtime

My Sleep Services
Virtual Support Worldwide

Bespoke Breastfeeding and Sleep Support

A tailored support package that combines both breastfeeding and sleep support

My Sleep Consultation Process

I offer a simple and efficient consultation process that enables us to reach your sleep goal.


Consultation Commencement

Payment submitted and 45minute consultation booked


Sleep Questionnaire

Completion of my sleep questionnaire, which I fully review along with any other additional information.

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Personalised Sleep Plan

Either your personalised sleep shaping plan or sleep training plan will be emailed to you within 1-2 days following completion of the sleep questionnaire


45minute Consultation Call

We discuss everything in greater detail during a 45minute consultation call so I can ensure you understand the process and you are feeling confident to begin


Ongoing Support

From the date of our consultation call you have my ongoing support for the assigned consultation period that is dependent on your child’s age, which includes unlimited messaging support and a follow up call mid way through the consultation process

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Our ultimate goal at the end of the consultation period is that you and your child are positioned where YOU want to be with sleep!

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